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Improve Competitiveness in the current labour market


Through Personal Career Management and Strengthening CV

Overview and Aims

This course will give the students an overview of the different skills and the importance of be competitive in the current labour market. Starting from this overview (in module 1), with the characterization of the required skills and competences to increase the competitiveness in the current labour market, as well as the available means, it will proceed (in module 2) to a SWOT analysis based on a self-awareness and to the design of a curriculum vitae complemented with personal forms of promotion in digital platforms. These forms are valued in the current labour market, given the profile and the preferences of each person.

This course has as main aims give the students an overview of the different skills and competences that allow to increase the competitiveness of a graduate in the current labour market; as well as to analyse and identify the more relevant skills to increase their employability through the valuation of their personal Curriculum Vitae.

Methods applied

Theoretical expository presentation, case studies, brainstorming discussion of ideas, specific tasks, work group and individual work report (SWOT analysis and individual Curriculum Vitae).

Type of class


Type of students

Students in the field of Business, Economics and Engineering & Computing.