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Introduction to Unstructured Data in Innovation Process Management

Innovative thinking
Problem solving

Overview and Aims

The course will show students how rapid innovation, radical increases in sources and types of data, and the public co-creation of analyses will enable new forms of decision support and will revolutionize how data is understood and applied.

Introduction to unstructured data in innovation process management is very important to the present and future organizations. Unstructured data is a generic term used to describe data that doesn't fit in column row databases and is a mixture of text and non text data. The challenge for businesses is to develop processes to apply structure to the unstructured. For example determining the level of satisfaction of customers by analyzing emails and social media may involve searching for words or phrases. Words and phrases may be grouped into positive, negative or neutral classifications. Opportunity lies in understanding how unstructured data to the mix creates competitive advantage.

Skills covered:

  • Entrepreneurial, Innovation and Creativity skills
  • Information, Media and Technology skills
  • Communication skills (when in relation to group work)
  • Unstructured data sources identification
  • Process and data analysis.