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Fostering Business Communication in English: a Marketing Plan

Team work

Overview and Aims

This module intends to promote students’ capacity to conceive something new –a product or a service - using their creativity and knowledge to prepare a Marketing Plan in the English language. Having in mind the objectives of any marketing plan and a good outline of the marketing mix, students are asked to conjugate their entrepreneurial skills with linguistic skills, embedding written and oral competences in a final presentation to class that should evidence a good command of terminology, concepts and grammar, as well as willingness to succeed in an entrepreneurial setting. In addition, the module aims at fostering students’ ability to identify and use content in core areas – management, economics, and marketing.

There are several reasons for choosing a Marketing Plan as an effective tool for enhancing entrepreneurial competences. First of all, a Marketing Plan is a basic tool for a product or service to succeed since it specifies the key elements of the business and provides a clear pathway to objectives, tasks and return on investment. Second of all, a Marketing Plan is a result of team work, demanding exchange of ideas and consensus. Third equally important factor, presenting a Marketing Plan also gives the opportunity to students to lead at least one of the topics in the presentation with a high degree of personal involvement.

Methods applied

Students will gather in groups of four or five members and simulate they belong to a company. With that aim in mind, students will be ready to gear their exercises towards the Marketing Plan right from the beginning.

This module requires team work. Attendance to classes is strongly advised.

Exercises were based on Macmillan and Cambridge resources.