4. Challenges in social entrepreneurship

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Challenges in social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship has many challenges, that needs to overcome(Bessant, Tidd, 2007). They are:

  • Search for opportunity
  • Strategic selection
  • Implementation
  • Innovative organization
  • Rich linkages
Search for opportunityMany potential social entrepreneurs have motivation to change something. But to be passionate isn’t enough – they also need to have classical entrepreneurs competencies to spot the opportunity and rise new idea. So social entrepreneur need both – vision and connecting skills.
Strategic selectionWhen social entrepreneur discover the idea – is one thing, but getting others to believe in it – it is another challenge. The story of successful entrepreneurship – is about convincing other people. One of the important abilities is networking – the ability to find potential founders and stakeholders and to bring them into project.
ImplementationSocial innovation requires creativity in order to combine resourses and make things happen.
Innovative organizationSocial innovation very depends on organic structures, where the main linkage are through a sense of shared purpose.